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The richest sports competition in the world will start on 8 September: the National Football League (NFL). The sport has grown enormously in more than twenty years. How can a competition that is particularly popular in the United States be the most profitable sport competition in the world with ? Here are five tips that can help football:

1. Create a new play calendar

It is a recurring problem in football. Too many matches are played. This not only ensures that the stars that your product has to sell are more likely to get injured, but also that saturation lurks. How long will we continue to be used en masse for competition and (European) cup competitions and international country tournaments? The ratings are still good, but the past European Championship in France has shown that more matches does not always mean better matches. In the NFL, each team plays at least 16 matches and then the playoffs follow and yet or perhaps because of this the league gets 7 billion dollars in TV rights every year. Football has a lot more potential worldwide than football, but it is important to keep the game so attractive and to realize that a shorter gaming calendar should be introduced.

2. Ensure a fair distribution of funds among clubs

Small elite of football clubs is getting richer, getting bigger sponsorship contracts and paying ever higher salaries and transfer fees to players. You can therefore already fill in the champions in many national competitions (in the past thirty seasons in Spain, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona became 26 times champion) and also six of the eight quarter finalists in the Champions League are pre-seasoned almost every season to predict.

3. Set up a salary cap

In football, the trees seem to grow into the sky. Transfers of more than 50 million euros are no longer special and salaries of more than ten million euros per year are no longer only reserved for the very best. It is impossible for smaller clubs to keep up this rat race. The top clubs simply buy other clubs empty and entice talents with fat contracts. Therefore, a salary ceiling should be set and the transfer market should change. It is clear that Financial Fair Play does not work as it is intended. In the NFL the salary ceiling is set at around 50 percent of the turnover and that ensures that clubs cannot contract players to their heart’s content.

4. Invest more in technology

Football is a million-dollar business and an (assistant) referee’s mistake is that a club (or country) can save tens of millions of euros in revenue. In the NFL, the role of the video rack may be a little too big, but it does ensure that you are sure that the right decision has been made that fewer arbitrators will complain. The technology is available, so there are no barriers to introduce the video referee. Fortunately, football is finally being tackled and there is currently experimenting with video-arbitrators. But also for another reason, football must invest more in technology. The NFL is at the forefront when it comes to applying new technologies. The league has recently partnered with Twitter and Snap chat. On Twitter, an NFL game will be televised ten times on Thursday night and on Snap chat the NFL will have its own channel where it will make special content and fans can also view racing footage. Moreover, these statistics are also successfully integrated into Fantasy Football, which is a household name in the US cheap jerseys.

5. Change the (game) rules

Football has been played according to the same rules for years. But those rules are partly responsible for the game becoming increasingly boring (the past EC had the lowest number of average goals per game since 1980). The NFL carried out various adjustments to the rules between 1994 and 2002 which were generally in favor of the attacking team and thus made the sport more attractive to the public to get cheap NFL jerseys Amazon. For example, in football you might think of abolishing offside, entering pure play time so that time racks are prevented or the granting is canceled. A lot of proposals have already been made by various prominent figures from the football world and now is the time to actually work out many of those proposals. Of course a lot of other changes are conceivable, but with the five points above, in my opinion football would gain in attractiveness and a sustainable future can be secured. Football is still by far the best viewed sport in the world, but many people fear that it (oh paradox) will increasingly resemble the NBA or the NFL; a closed network of a certain number of clubs that only have a chance of winning the prizes and all good players.

Cristiano Ronaldo

What is special is that football has been gaining popularity in recent years in the US. Clubs like Manchester United and FC Barcelona have built up a huge fanbase. But perhaps that is precisely because ‘our’ sport is different in many facets than American sports. Let football keep its beautiful things, but let it also learn from other sports. Make sure that the tension returns and fans of Ajax and PSV can dream of a European title again, create a new play calendar, set the limit on the outgoing transfer fees and player salaries, and invest in new stadiums and technologies. Cristiano Ronaldo had probably never become such a good footballer as there was not a small professional club in Madeira that gave him the opportunity to develop his talents.

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